Achy Tummy Roll On

It’s uncomfortable and worrisome having stomach discomfort.  As parents, it’s painful watching our little ones experiencing digestive discomfort and frankly we want to do something about it quickly. 

This recipe is simple and easy to make. Premixing and having these roller bottles on hand is efficient, especially when you are in a pinch and ready to use your blend.  I always have this blend, including the hand sanitizer blend, allergy support blend, and breathe blend. This recipe also works well for motion sickness.

All oils are not created equal so please use the best quality oils.  Using a poor oil will affect the effectiveness of your blend.  Choose your favorite carrier oil to create your blends. If you are in a pinch to find supplies, I get mine here.

Here’s How to Make the Recipe


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Achy Tummy Roller
Recipe Notes


  1. Combine the essential oils in the roller bottle and then top with carrier oil. Gently shake to combine.
  2. Apply to tummy for relief.


Choose a carrier oil that's right for you. You can use any, or a combination of Argan, Coconut, Jojoba, Sweet Almond. Protection Status