DoTERRA Diffusers

Types of Diffusers

There are many types of diffusers on the market today. I will keep this short and relevant as promised. I only focused on two diffusers from doTERRA. I personally stay away from heat diffusers because I want to keep the constituents of my oils intact and to maintain the therapeutical integrity.

I will cover two diffusers from doTERRA. Those that use water and those that are waterless. doTERRA carries about 4 diffusers.

Water Base Diffusers

These diffusers require water to be added with the essential oils. It disperses fine mists of essential oils and water into the air to create an aromatic experience. Since the oil sits on top of the water, you will get the most therapeutic benefits in the beginning.

Waterless Diffusers

These diffusers use undiluted oils on an intermittent basis vs. a water base diffuser that uses water to dilute the essential oil. It quickly fills the air with essential oils to create an ultra aromatic experience. They are generally more powerful and are great for maximum therapeutic effects. A more powerful diffuser would be needed when dealing with issues that call for severe therapeutic measures.

Diffuser Size and Features

The size of the diffuser matters since the bigger diffusers covers more square footage of essential oil reach. A good feature would be multiple settings and auto shutoff mechanism. This kind of diffuser goes until the water + oil have evaporated or the timer reaches its limit. I personally prefer an 8-hour time which means that I am not stopping every few hours to refill.

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