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doTERRA is the largest essential oils company in the world with the safest, purest and most beneficial essential oils available on the market today. They are used in homes, hospitals and spas around the world and offer treatment protocols for nutrition programs, facials, massages, pedicure/manicures, yoga, body treatments, to name a few.

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Reveal Facial Care

You deserve beautiful and youthful looking skin everyday. The therapeutic benefits of wild orange and lime essential oils, and pumpkin enzymes all play a part to lighten your mood while cleansing your skin to reveal your wonderful glow. Experience the difference without the chemicals!

Verage Skin Care

Verage skin care system is natural and effective. Therapeutic grade essential oils like frankincense, rose, helichrysum, sandalwood, geranium are just a few of the skin loving essential oils that help to reduce fine lines and give a youthful appearance without health damaging chemicals.

Aroma Touch

The power of the AromaTouch is unmistakeable. Surely a clinical way to benefits from a combination of six essentials oils that will leave you feeling calm and peaceful while bringing the body back to homeostasis. An experience you will never forget.

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