Energy Boost Blend

As you all by now that I love everything essential oils because they work so beautifully.  My goal is to rock your health with these healthy home blends.

Let’s take a quick look at a small number of the properties at work here.

Basil: Combats stress, promotes cardiovascular and antibacterial benefits, contains antioxidants and more.

Peppermint: Great for its invigorating effects.  Helps with digestion, nerves, skin, headaches, fever and much more.

Lime: Great for emotional and digestive support.  Helps with focus, energy and immune support and much more.

Lemon: Great for respiratory health, cleaning, detoxifying, energy and so much more.

Imagine the entire family benefiting all at the same time.  Let’s blend and diffuse for better health.

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Garden Breeze
Recipe Notes

Add essential oils to diffuser and enjoy.

This blend made our healthy home blend list for good reason.  Remember that if you have a large room then you will need to get a diffuser to accommodate the size of the room and increase the amount of oils Protection Status