Pure grade essential oils are easy, safe and effective to incorporate into your daily lives.Essential oils work harmoniously with the body to meet the body’s needs, and the body can heal itself.Remember also that essential oils are able to change their chemical composition to aid the body in adapting to support itself.Essential oils have the ability to go deep within the body to bring balance.

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  • Have more energy while naturally detoxifying your body and breaking down fat and looking sexy.
  • Support cellular function so that you can feel vibrant and energized.
  • Feel relaxed and happy, enjoy better health, feel confident and calm, experience less pain.

Pure grade essential oils are easy, safe and effective to incorporate into your daily life.

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Essential oils are safe, effective and natural source as a first option to your family’s health.  Essential oils strengthens the whole body and promote profound health benefits.  They have powerful life sustaining and cleansing properties that are extremely therapeutic.  They rapidly pass through the skin and produce systemic benefits to promote vitality and well being.

Some essential oils have regenerating and oxygenating properties and are fat soluble.  These concentrated extracts from plants have molecules that are so small, they can rapidly penetrate the skin and aid the body in detoxification and restoring balance.  These oxygen molecules help the blood to transport nutrients to the cell for proper assimilation which can only help the immune system.  They come from plants and have been used for thousands of years for medicinal and therapeutic reasons with great success.

I had to make major shifts in my family’s lifestyle after major health issues.After a lot of research and studying, I completely changed my approach to health and wellness, and started juicing more, reducing stress, supporting the immune system, and becoming more aware of what I was buying as well as the ingredients in the products I was purchasing.

I knew that it was up to me to take control of my family’s health and wellness.I wanted natural solutions for my home, health and overall wellness.Quality became paramount because I was already dealing with a compromised immune system and I only wanted to use products that had a high standard of quality control.I started using doTERRA essential oils to support my family’s health.I steadily and consistently implemented the essential oils into my lifestyle and I am forever grateful for this natural solution.I am excited to share those healthy habits with those who are ready to improve their health.

I use essential oils for mood management, restful sleep, immune support, boost energy, cleaning and overall wellness.

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Why Quality Matters? Commitment to Purity

Choosing a top quality essential oil is an important deciding fact.Multiple levels of testing should take place to ensure that you and your family are getting a product that is free of pesticide, molds, harmful chemicals and bacteria.Meaningful testing beginswhen the plant is growing and carry throughout the entire process of harvest, distillation and bottling.

Check out the video on the right to see what I mean about the level of testing that brings peace of mind.

Did you know that where a plant is grown makes a world of difference.For example, a tropical plant would not carry the level of nutrients as the same plant grown in North America.

how to use these gifts of the earth?


Numerous studies demonstrate the benefits and power of aroma.By diffusing essential oils, we can cleanse the air, effect the mood or even for supporting a specific system in the body such as the respiratory system.

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Using essential oils topically is a great way to target a specific area of concern and have the oils rapidly absorbed into the skin and reach the blood stream within 30 seconds. For kids the oils can be applied to the soles of the feet.

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Some essential oils can be used as dietary supplement to support the body on a cellular level. The quality also depends on the company you choose to trust with your purity and grade of oils. Not all oils can be taken internally.

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