Benefits of Using a Facial Toner

Okay ladies!  Using a toner is great for your skin especially if you wear makeup.  I used to be so confused as to which toner I should use and if I should use one at all.  Some toners left my face feeling dry and stiff.  I felt like the moisture had been stripped from my face.

A good toner should help to wash traces of makeup or dirt from the face and help to close the pores.  A good time to use it is after cleansing the skin and before applying moisturizer.

I believe that a toner should be free of chemicals and preservatives to truly support the skin.   After struggling with problem skin, I switched to making my own skincare products and that’s when I found this toner recipe that works like a charm for me.  It’s not only chemical free but rather just has a few ingredients and I can make it quickly in my kitchen.   I am happy to share it and have you judge for yourself.  It helps with circulation and to refine the skin.

Here’s How to Make the Recipe

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Rose Geranium Toner Recipe
Recipe Notes

Mix witch hazel and essential oils and shake. Add rose and distilled water. Shake and enjoy.


This is a great toner that I have used over the years.  It helps to close the pores.


I love and value your feedback so do please let me know how this works for you if you do try it.

Stay beautiful,

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